SAFE LIFTING IFS has combined specific software designs of petrochemical industrial plants with the new technologies point cloud (laser scan) and other CAD software designed for crane and transport. This has the advantage of being able to have a 3D digital model of the entire designed plant (new or existing), along with cranes and transport digital models used in construction.

This new working form allows us accurate lifting operations, so this will help us to anticipate and correct all possible problems that may arise.

The safety and viability of the lifting operations are 100% guaranteed without a contingency work.

The initial operation studies for lifting equipment and modular pre-assembled structures at ground level, are called “constructibility”. This is essential to obtain the success of the project.

Viability studies for the maintenance of equipment in industrial plants are high value-added tools for proper design of facilities.

3D CAD tools, and technical characteristics knowledge, possibilities of mobile cranes and transport, as well as other equipment, allows as to optimize area layout and ensure the viability of future maintenance of the installed equipment.

On the other hand, our Engineering department team, prepare integrated lifting systems according to internal customer procedures. It is to about interlacing highest lifting standards (including newest aspects of our industry section) to operating of specific plant.

As independent specialized engineering company, we provide alternative studies of heavy lifting, risk assessment to select the best possible option. Moreover, we conduct third party audits (Peer Review) for entire Heavy Lifting campaign.


We conduct specific training to the various roles involving crane lifting operations, for contractors and customer staff.

Training of the key roles in Lifting Operations is essential to ensure safety in the industrial plant with help from workers and supervisors.

Successful lifting operation, should be made as simple as possible and using qualified well trained workforce, this is industry best kept secret.


Total supervision of full lifting plans within industrial plant, is needed to ensure the safety and operation success.

Factors such as terrain, interferences, crane position, lifting points and attachments, the crane configuration of the crane and its safety systems, distribution supporting mats, etc., are key points that must be inspected and monitored during preparation and development of lifting operation.

Human error is always a possibility, so inspection of proper crane installation and implementation of all security devices must be performed by qualified supervisors.

We provide lifting and transport specialized supervisors and safety supervisors (with specific lifting disciplines knowledge)

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We carry out heavy lifting, maintainability and viability projects, homologation of non-commercial lifting accessories, audits, lifting supervisors, compliance projects for cranes and machinery, etc.